Measurement &
Verification (M&V) 2.0/ Energy Management

Group14 Engineering provides our clients a measurement and verification (M&V) process built upon dependable and responsive customer service with solutions that are rooted in practicality, collaboration, and innovation.

Experience / Qualifications

Group14 draws on our extensive experience developing and implementing measurement and verification (M&V) plans for numerous projects of varying types. We help our clients plan the M&V metering hardware and software approaches then we utilize advanced tools with weather normalization to produce accurate real time results. Group14 has verified hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual energy savings giving our clients quantified results with a strong return on investment.

Our Process / Systems

  • Develop M&V plan and metering recommendations
  • Review the data from energy meters and connect to SkySpark software for near real time updates
  • Create baseline regression using advanced analytics and compare to ongoing energy use
  • Prepare dashboards, charts and tables to visually see changes in energy and quantify results
  • Summarize M&V results in a memo at the end of the first year including further energy savings opportunities
  • Continue ongoing monitoring and energy tracking with year over year quantified energy savings

The Group14 Difference

Group14 has developed a unique approach to measurement and verification using SkySpark analytics software. SkySpark is a powerful tool that pulls in large amounts of data from energy meters and weather data to provide a real-time view of energy consumption. Group14 has a cloud hosted version of SkySpark software available to our clients along with in-house SkySpark developers to customize the tool to meet specific project needs. Our in-house developed SkySpark dashboards provide powerful visual graphics to easily interpret results.

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