LEED-EB and Energy Star

Group14 has helped many clients successfully achieve and maintain EnergyStar ratings and/or achieve LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance (LEED-EB:O&M) ratings.

Experience / Qualifications

Our depth of knowledge of building systems and experience with Energy Star help our clients go through the process smoothly. We also offer a variety of other services including existing building commissioning, system monitoring, and energy auditing which can help raise the Energy Star score in the future.

Our extensive experience with the LEED-EB:O&M rating system helps our clients achieve successful certification with minimal effort. We have completed numerous retro-commissioning and ongoing commissioning projects as part of LEED-EB:O&M certifications so we are deeply familiar with the necessary processes and best practices.

Our Process / Systems

Energy Star Licensed Professional (LP) Services

  • Conduct a site visit to the building
  • Verify data inputs for the facility and historical energy data
  • Sign, date, and submit the verification checklist

Group14 specializes in the following LEED-EB:O&M engineering credits:

  • EAp1 – Energy Efficiency Best Management Practices (including the ASHRAE Level 1 Energy Audit)
  • EAc2.1 – Existing Building Commissioning – ASHRAE Level 2 Energy Audit or Retro-commissioning
  • EAc2.2 – Existing Building Commissioning Implementation, Low/No-Cost Measures
  • EAc2.3 – Ongoing Commissioning Plan
  • EAc3.1 – Performance measurement – building automation system
  • IEQp1 – Minimum Indoor Air Quality Performance

The Group14 Difference

While Group14 deeply understands the LEED-EB:O&M rating system requirements, our team goes beyond the rating system with hands on expertise and knowledge of best practices for system operation. We can evaluate complex systems and work as a team with building operators to lower energy use and improve the indoor environment. We specialize in actionable recommendations that make sense for each facility.

When we are executing Existing Building Commissioning or Ongoing Commissioning, we utilize advanced software called SkySpark. This allows our teams to monitor high quantities of equipment over a long time frame, find more operational issues, and capture more energy savings.

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