Xcel Energy’s Energy Design Assistance Program (EDA)

Energy Design Assistance Program (EDA)

Group14 is a provider of the    Xcel Energy Energy Design Assistance program (EDA) (for buildings 50,000 sf and larger). Group14 delivers energy consulting for new construction or major renovation projects in Xcel Energy territory. Group14 delivers comprehensive, customized energy analysis on your new construction or major renovation commercial building project through EDA. Our Xcel EDA consulting services has kept more than 10 MW off the grid – that’s enough to power nearly 9,000 houses for a year.

If you are an owner or a member of a design team for a commercial building over 50,000 SF early in the design process in Colorado, contact us to take advantage of EDA benefits:

  • Free, customized, energy modeling and analysis
  • $0.10 to $1.00 / sf in incentives in money not rebates to the utility, depending on energy savings achieved
  • $8,000 – $12,000 reimbursement to the design team for participating in the program

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