Lighting Efficiency Redesign Study Program

Lighting Efficiency Redesign Study Program

Existing buildings have a huge potential for lighting energy savings. Group14 is an approved provider for the Redesign program, and can perform a full audit of your building’s lighting systems and offer cost-effective, efficiency solutions. Xcel Energy rebates up to 75% of the study cost (up to $25,000). A redesign study will:

  • Help you build a business case for a lighting retrofit
  • Identify energy savings, cost estimates, and rebate amounts for each measure
  • Receive cash rebates (up to $400/kW saved) that cover up to half of the implementation costs

What situation is most suitable for a lighting redesign study?

  • You have a renovation project planned for an older facility.
  • You have not yet made lighting purchase decisions for the project.
  • Your lighting needs may be markedly different than what is provided by the existing lighting system in the building.
  • You have received complaints of glare from employees or tenants.

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