17D Tax Credit

This is the section of the tax code that provides a benefit for businesses, architects, engineers and contractors when they build or renovate a building (or design a government building in the case of an architect, engineering or contracting firm) that is energy efficient. The maximum deduction is $1.80 per square ft. Group14 can help you navigate collecting this tax credit.

Things to know:

  • The project needs to surpass 2001 ASHRAE standards — most current state codes already require this.
  • The three systems that are potentially eligible for this incentive include the building envelope, HVAC/hot water systems, and interior lighting systems.
  • All commercial buildings including, warehouses, factories, parking garages, and family housing that is four stories or greater are eligible. For local, state, and federal government it includes schools, higher education buildings, dormitories, airport terminals, jails, etc.
  • An architect/engineer/contractor can go back three years on government buildings to receive this incentive by requesting a letter from the government agency and amending their returns and get the 179D benefits.

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