Eastside Human Services Building

Eastside Human Services Building

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City – Denver, Colorado
Project Size – 51,000 SF
Targeting LEED NC Gold


The design of the $17 million Eastside Human Services Building is thoughtful project that creates a sustainable, inviting, and user-friendly facility for employees and clients. The building was funded as part of the “BUILDING A BETTER DENVER” Bond Program through the City and County of Denver. The Denver Eastside Facility targeted net zero, which means that an effective daylighting strategy was critical.

The Eastside Center design was developed to provide ample and appropriate daylighting and decrease energy needs. A two-story glass atrium introduces sunlight and connects the indoor and outdoor environments.


Group14 worked with the design team to optimize the building envelope for lower heating/cooling loads and maximized daylighting. A roof overhang that minimizes heat gain, increases occupant comfort, and creates an outdoor space shielded from the elements. An underfloor air distribution system also works toward reducing energy consumption.

  • 61% modeled energy savings from ASHRAE 90.1-2007
  • State of the art building includes tuned glazing, daylighting, UFAD, evaporative cooling, and VRF system

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