Group14 Engineering includes building energy and sustainability professionals from across the United States. Our richness of diversity and experience promotes creative, innovative, and practical solutions.

Our Principals

Susan Reilly

Energy Team Leader
(720) 221-1073
Learn more Susan Reilly

Laura Charlier

Sustainability Team Leader
(720) 221-1074
Learn more Laura Charlier

Matt Cooper

Commissioning Team Leader
(720) 221-1086
Learn more Matt Cooper

Michael Levinson

Affordable Housing Team Leader
(720) 221-1077
Learn more Michael Levinson

Our Staff

Allison Bygott

Lighting and Power Engineer
(720) 382-1752
Learn more Allison Bygott

Alex Buchanan

Commissioning Engineer
(720) 382-1701
Learn more Alex Buchanan

Anna McCullough

Building Performance Engineer
(720) 382-1755
Learn more Anna McCullough

Annie Kell

Sustainability Engineer
(720) 382-1704
Learn more Annie Kell

Axaule Sultanova

Building Performance Engineer
Learn more Axaule Sultanova

Ben Emmett

IT Support
(720) 382-1757
Learn more Ben Emmett

Bryce Buchanan

Building Performance Engineer
(720) 221-1088
Learn more Bryce Buchanan

Celeste Cizik

Existing Building Team Leader
(720) 382-1705
Learn more Celeste Cizik

Dave Heinicke

Building Performance Engineer
(720) 221-1084
Learn more Dave Heinicke

David Lawry

Commissioning Engineer
Learn more David Lawry

Elliot Rodstein

Marketing Operations Coordinator
Learn more Elliot Rodstein

Emily Rader-Neely

Building Performance Engineer
(720) 221-1089
Learn more Emily Rader-Neely

Eric Loew

Senior Energy Engineer
(720) 382-1756
Learn more Eric Loew

Erik Swanton

Project Engineer
(720) 221-1083
Learn more Erik Swanton

Gokul Paranjothi

Building Performance Engineer
(720) 221-1085
Learn more Gokul Paranjothi

Jessica Chickering

Business Development Manager
(720) 221-1081
Learn more Jessica Chickering

Josh Hathaway

Building Performance Engineer
(720) 328-1709
Learn more Josh Hathaway

Josh Marceau

Sustainable Design/HERS rater
(720) 221-1092
Learn more Josh Marceau

Kate DuMez

Commissioning Engineer
(720) 221-1076
Learn more Kate DuMez

Lauren Mcneill

Sustainable Design Consultant
(720) 382-1754
Learn more Lauren Mcneill

Laura Dyas

Building Performance Engineer
(720) 221-1078
Learn more Laura Dyas

Laura Unrein

Sustainable Design Consultant
(720) 221-1090
Learn more Laura Unrein

Madi Gore

Office Manager
(720) 382-1757
Learn more Madi Gore

Michelle Sadeghy

Building Performance Engineer
(720) 382-1707
Learn more Michelle Sadeghy

Natalie Weber

Office Manager
(720) 382-1710
Learn more Natalie Weber

Nick Buike

Commissioning Engineer
(720) 221-1082
Learn more Nick Buike

Pachia Moua

Lighting Energy Analyst
(720) 221-1075
Learn more Pachia Moua

Phin Stubbs

Sustainable Design Consultant
(720) 382-1753
Learn more Phin Stubbs

Rachelle Macur

Sustainable Design Consultant
Learn more Rachelle Macur

Sarah Hong

Building Performance Engineer
Learn more Sarah Hong

Scott Tonn

Commissioning Project Manager
Learn more Scott Tonn

Shelia Gore

Thermal Simulator
Learn more Shelia Gore

Taylor Roberts

Building Performance Engineer
(720) 382-1708
Learn more Taylor Roberts

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