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We put these two categories together because reading is fun! While that is true, that is not the actual reason. The real reason is the spaces have many commonalities. They are often funded by the City in which they are built, which means funded by the people. As they are funded by the tax payers there is a special want to make them a space that excites and motivates a community to engage with each other and in their own health, well-being, education, creativity, and passion.

“Knowledge sets us free, art sets us free. A great library is freedom,” Ursula K. Le Guin wrote in contemplating the sacredness of public libraries.

Group14 has worked on dozens of recreation centers both in and outside of Colorado. We have also worked on several exemplary libraries including Teton County, Rudolph Corky Gonzales Library, and several Douglas County libraries.

We have worked on community centers including the Carla Maddison Denver Recreation Center that is currently under development, Eagle View Adult Community Center, the Morenci Community Center, and Eaton Recreation Center to name just a few. These projects often have big dreams and a small budget, but we owe it to the community to be as innovative and forward-thinking as possible providing something amazing that exceeds expectations.

Both libraries and recreation centers have to evolve and adapt to the community the serve and a diverse group of users. Our sustainability, energy, and commissioning services work to ensure that a highly-functioning building with low energy and water costs that works as expected and enhances the building users experience is delivered.

In order for a community to thrive, we must provide spaces where people can and will gather. Our depth of work in this arena is a testimony to our work. Innovative solutions are the foundation to achieving goals within budget and eliminating waste.

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