If you are like many Americans, you spend 40+ hours a week in your office space. Therefore, you shouldn’t hate this space. If you shudder thinking about flickering florescent lights in a cube farm fighting a man named Milton for your Swingline stapler – then your building needs to get with the times. Gone are the days of under-ventilated, nonday-lit, uninteresting office space. Today’s sustainable office buildings are well lit, bright, open, collaborative, and energy efficient. Amenities abound including nap-pods, coffee shops, gyms, active staircases, standing desks, pool tables, and the like. While we can’t save you from a 40-hour work week, we can help make the space you inhabit during that time beautiful, functional, sustainable, and inspiring.

Group14 has worked on some of the largest Class A and Class AA office buildings in Denver. 1800 Larimer – Xcel Energy’s Headquarters (double LEED Platinum), 1400 Lawrence (the large tower just being finished by the Beck Group), 999 17th Street, 1900 16th Street, 1670 Broadway, and many of the other iconic skyscrapers that shimmer in our beautiful skyline.

Even our own office building (through smaller), achieved LEED NC 2009 PLATINUM Certification on Earth Day in 2010. It was the first in the world to be certified under the new rating system. We worked on all the sustainability, energy, and commissioning aspects ourselves. We have since earned a LEED Platinum dynamic plaque as well. We live in a sustainable office building and are confident we can help with yours.

Technology is one part of the equation. Occupancy sensors to control lighting when a room is unoccupied or daylight is plentiful can help control energy creep. Ensuring warm-up and cool-down equipment is functioning properly and turning on when it should is another. People’s behaviors is another part of the equation. In some buildings, desktop equipment is a significant amount of a building’s energy use. Having an inactive computer automatically shut down or a campaign reminding people to turn off their devices can help to mitigate a behavior issue that is contributing to energy usage. Buildings must be designed, constructed, operated, and managed with the end user in mind. We assist the team in building a place that enhances your day and well-being. So forget about that TPS report cover, open your operable window, and let in the sunshine.

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