Perhaps nothing is more personal than the place we call home. Home can and should do more than provide a roof and four walls. At Group14 we believe multi-family and mixed-use projects are an opportunity to create a place that inspires a community and enriches the way you live. Our multi-family includes micro units, mixed use communities, TOD projects, Affordable Housing projects, senior housing including for HERS rated, LEED for Homes rated, Enterprise Green Communities rated, and LEED for New Construction rated from Certified to Platinum.

There is a better way to build buildings and it includes increased indoor air quality, access to daylight and views, and support of an active life-style. Community gathering spaces, walkability, safety lighting, bike racks, renewable energy, and green roofs are just a few of the features that we believe design teams should consider. Beyond the health aspect, residents of the sustainable communities to which we contribute realize reduced energy and water bills and increased access to their neighbors and local community.

Colorado is committed to sustainability and energy efficiency. Many of our multifamily projects are utilizing the Xcel Energy – Energy Design Assistance Program (EDA). The EDA program incentivizes developers and design teams to achieve higher levels of energy efficiency. For more information visit the    financing and incentives page.

Group14 has held an EDA contract with Xcel Energy for eight years – we are thrilled they continue to endorse our services and remain a loyal client! Under this contract, Group14 has worked on more than 150 projects locally (many of them LEED) over the past three years alone.

Annually, we work more on multi-family and mixed-use projects more than any other type, working on over 15,000,000 SF in 2015.

We have, as a community, long ignored the ‘people piece’ of sustainability. This is ever-changing in today’s world. Occupant Engagement is a growing movement that allows community members and building residents to participate in their surroundings and affect the buildings in which they spend a majority of their time. The goal is to identify the obstacles and barriers that keep community members from actively engaging in their buildings and the larger environment.

Beyond energy and water savings, occupant engagement offers residents a voice in their communities and builds a sense of communal pride. Part of having a safe and thriving environment where people are proud to live means feeling invested in one’s home, one’s neighborhood, one’s health, and one’s future. Allowing people to come together and work toward an actionable cause, like energy savings, leads to neighbors interacting about sustainability and health outcomes. This cultural shift within the community provides encouragement and positive feedback.

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