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Our staff at Group14 has strong ties to many higher education institutions both in Colorado and nationally. We build higher education buildings that inspire students, faculty, and staff alike to engage and collaborate. From cutting edge labs to innovative dining halls to comfortable dormitories, Group14 has worked on dozens of projects from Colorado to Florida and back again.

Our campus-wide sustainability planning looks at the entire community and the specific goals of that community from energy and water savings to storm water and waste. We also integrate the people piece of sustainability and really listen to what owners, building users, and the design team are trying to achieve as a whole. We don’t tell you how to do what we want, but we will sit and guide you to do the best you can achieve for each project.

We take great pride in our technical background. While many firms can show experience with a broad suite of building energy analysis and daylighting tools, Group14 brings a depth of knowledge that leaves no question about our 20+ years of experience as a leader in the field. As daylight is so important to educational spaces both for health of wellbeing and to avoid fatigue, Group14 has three lighting and daylighting specialists on staff, plus two certified National Fenestration Rating Council simulators.

Through our work with CU Boulder, CU Denver, CU Colorado Springs, Colorado School of Mines, the University of Denver and others, Group14 has established sets of best practices for all space types with the ability to incorporate the design and sustainability goals most important to each university client. Buildings are like snowflakes, no two are the same.

Higher Education projects are often student funded, which means that the student body is paying for their own facility. Group14 recognizes how important it is to deliver these buildings when promised, on or under budget, and working as expected on day one.

At the 2014 AASHE annual conference, Group14’s principal Laura Charlier presented,“What does LEED v4 mean for your campus?” The presentation included a discussion of the impact of LEED v4 on campus projects and LEED Gold achievement with the new requirements. Additionally, in 2005, Group14 (known as Enermodal Engineering, Inc. then) made recommendations to CU for revisions to the Campus Design Guidelines for inclusion of LEED v2.2 criteria.

Our portfolio and depth of knowledge is extensive. Through our work in higher education we have found that multidisciplinary collaboration creates a high performance building, one that is cost-effective over its entire life cycle, safe, secure, accessible, flexible, aesthetic, productive, and sustainable.

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