Group14’s Health and Wellness team knows that energy efficiency, sustainability, and commissioning are merely tools to ensure patient safety and comfort. People come first. That is why our mission is to inspire better buildings where people thrive.

The healthcare sector is a major contributor to CO2 emissions as well having substantial energy costs. Improved energy efficiency not only reduces environmental impact but can also improve comfort. Group14 has a health and wellness group that is dedicated to energy efficiency and commissioning services for this specific, complex, and important service sector.

Group14 has worked on healthcare projects totaling more than $.5 Billion in construction cost including MOBs, large hospitals, senior housing with medical facilities, and healthcare campuses. Many of our large, national healthcare clients are confidential, however, their project include NICUs with tunable white lights, expansions of dated facilities, surgery centers with complex lighting and ventilations systems, and medical office buildings with increased daylight and LEED accreditation.

From sustainability planning to energy modeling to commissioning and retro-commissioning, we find solutions for hospitals that increase occupant comfort from patients to personnel. Our technical expertise include FDA grade cleanrooms with specific moisture and temperature set points. We understand how these complicated systems work and that they cannot afford to fail. Testing for Healthcare projects must go beyond system level testing into the realm of building level integration.

According to the Healthcare Sustainability Initiative, “$34,000 is the potential annual energy savings for the average 100,000 square foot hospital through commissioning alone. Improved energy efficiency not only reduces environmental impact but can also improve comfort and infection control.”

Group14 is comprised of professionals that are highly experienced in all areas of Healthcare commissioning and focus on value-added processes and skilled communication and management. This leads to cost-effective execution with the highest quality results – 100% Ready and Reliable Healthcare projects!

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