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Group14 Engineering can help your project realize greater energy efficiency and cash incentives through Xcel Energy’s rebate programs, tax credits, and alternative financing options that minimize the need for ESCOs. Group14 is an Xcel Energy Energy Design Assistance Program (EDA) Consultant.

Group14 has been a qualified provider of the Xcel Energy EDA Program since its inception. We are one of the longest standing providers for this program. Group14 also helped design the energy software currently used by this program – we truly know this program inside and out helping our clients achieve maximum incentives.

Xcel Energy’s Energy Design Assistance Program (EDA)

Energy Design Assistance Program (EDA)

Group14 is a provider of the Xcel Energy Energy Design Assistance program (EDA) (for buildings 20,000 sf and larger). Group14 delivers energy consulting for new construction or major renovation projects in Xcel Energy territory. Group14 delivers comprehensive, customized energy analysis on your new construction or major renovation commercial building project through EDA. Our Xcel EDA consulting services has kept more than 10 MW off the grid – that’s enough to power nearly 9,000 houses for a year.

If you are an owner or a member of a design team for a commercial building over 20,000 SF early in the design process in Colorado, contact us to take advantage of EDA benefits:

  • Free, customized, energy modeling and analysis
  • $0.10 to $1.00 / sf in incentives in money not rebates to the utility, depending on energy savings achieved
  • $8,000 – $12,000 reimbursement to the design team for participating in the program

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Ft. Collins Integrated Design Assistance (IDAP)

Ft. Collins Utility IDAP

Group14 Engineering is an approved consultant for the Ft. Collins utility IDAP program for new construction and major renovation projects. Financial incentives for building owners and design teams are available for participating in the Integrated Design Assistance Program (IDAP). The program is based on the Architecture 2030 Challenge® and provides design, construction and performance incentives. New construction and major renovation projects can participate.

Participating project teams set a Target Energy Usage Index (EUI) early in the project using Energy Star® Target Finder and then design and build to that target. A year’s worth of post-occupancy EUI data is collected to confirm the Target EUI is achieved. There are three phases of incentives that can be achieved for the owner and design team. To find out more call our IDAP program manager Xia Fang at 720-221-1085 or visit the Ft. Collins utility website:

17D Tax Credit

This is the section of the tax code that provides a benefit for businesses, architects, engineers and contractors when they build or renovate a building (or design a government building in the case of an architect, engineering or contracting firm) that is energy efficient. The maximum deduction is $1.80 per square ft. Group14 can help you navigate collecting this tax credit.

Things to know:

  • The project needs to surpass 2001 ASHRAE standards — most current state codes already require this.
  • The three systems that are potentially eligible for this incentive include the building envelope, HVAC/hot water systems, and interior lighting systems.
  • All commercial buildings including, warehouses, factories, parking garages, and family housing that is four stories or greater are eligible. For local, state, and federal government it includes schools, higher education buildings, dormitories, airport terminals, jails, etc.
  • An architect/engineer/contractor can go back three years on government buildings to receive this incentive by requesting a letter from the government agency and amending their returns and get the 179D benefits.

Energy Efficient Buildings

For projects that don’t qualify for the Energy Design Assistance program, the Energy Efficient Buildings (EEB) program incentives energy-efficient design through a more prescriptive approach. Group14 can work with your team to incorporate efficiency strategies that can be leveraged through EEB.


Re-Commissioning Program

Re-commissioning Program

Group14 has taken numerous commercial buildings through Xcel Energy’s Re-Commissioning Program and implemented solutions with less than a two-year payback . The program aims to reduce energy costs through low or no-cost adjustments to building controls. Buildings over 50,000 SF qualify, and the program pays for 75% of the cost of the re-commissioning study (not to exceed $25,000). Xcel Energy then pays an incentive based on the predicted energy savings from the efficiency strategies that are implemented.

Lighting Efficiency Redesign Study Program

Lighting Efficiency Redesign Study Program

Existing buildings have a huge potential for lighting energy savings. Group14 is an approved provider for the Redesign program, and can perform a full audit of your building’s lighting systems and offer cost-effective, efficiency solutions. Xcel Energy rebates up to 75% of the study cost (up to $25,000). A redesign study will:

  • Help you build a business case for a lighting retrofit
  • Identify energy savings, cost estimates, and rebate amounts for each measure
  • Receive cash rebates (up to $400/kW saved) that cover up to half of the implementation costs

What situation is most suitable for a lighting redesign study?

  • You have a renovation project planned for an older facility.
  • You have not yet made lighting purchase decisions for the project.
  • Your lighting needs may be markedly different than what is provided by the existing lighting system in the building.
  • You have received complaints of glare from employees or tenants.

Lighting Efficiency Rebate Program

Lighting Efficiency Rebate Program

Xcel Energy offers simple prescriptive rebates for lighting upgrades, including LEDs. For some newer technologies that are not yet part of this simplified program, a project can apply to the Custom Efficiency program. Group14 can assist with the Custom Efficiency Rebate application by providing the lighting calculations and energy savings documentation required.

Self-Performed Energy Performance Contract (EPC)

A self-implemented Energy Performance Contract (EPC) offers portfolio owners a flexible tool for financing large scale energy and water efficiency retrofits. With no ESCo involvement, transaction fees are typically less, while owners retain more control over project design. This means more project dollars for capital needs, equipment replacement reserve, and resourced energy management.

An EPC consists of three distinct phases. The technical assistance that our team will provide is primarily focused on the first phase, design and development. The design and development phase is completed when the project is HUD approved and financed.

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