As a Commissioning Agent, Group14 acts as a representative for the Owner. Commissioning can save the building operator considerable cost and comfort complaints caused by equipment that would otherwise operate incorrectly. We have commissioned over five million square feet of various building types, our commissioning agents are CxA’s, certified PEs, and have design backgrounds making them adept at heading off issues before design is complete.

Fundamental Commissioning

  • Commissioning (Cx) is the process of verifying that the building’s systems operate as intended and according to the owner’s requirements as set forth in project documents.
  • Fundamental Commissioning is a LEED prerequisite
  • Fundamental Commissioning focuses on installation and verification of the mechanical and electrical systems during construction.

Enhanced Commissioning

  • Enhanced Commissioning covers a broader scope than fundamental and requires more involvement of the CxA and continues through occupancy.
  • For Enhanced Commissioning and projects larger than 50,000 ft2, CxA must be independent of both teams and hired by the Owner or Owner’s Representative.
  • Enhanced Commissioning involves the CxA earlier in design, requires an operations manual and training, and an operations within 8–10 months of substantial completion.

Monitoring-Based Commissioning (MBCx)

A system that operates appropriately at one point in time does not mean it will operate appropriately for all time. To assess performance over time, Group14 offers monitoring-based commissioning (MBCx)

  • Continuously collect building operational data from building automation systems, energy meters, and most other data sources available.
  • Write “rules” through which data is filtered (i.e. automated fault detection and diagnostics) to identify issues in the building’s operation that could waste energy or cause comfort complaints.
  • Allows us to monitor all equipment and troubleshoot complex building operational issues.
  • Group14 is one of the few firms in Colorado who is implementing monitoring-based commissioning (MBCx) for our clients to ensure these benefits continue over the life of a building.

Owner Training

  • Group14 assists in developing the training plan and agenda and then reviews the Contractors’ Training Plan for completeness and thoroughness.
  • We also participate in selective portions of the Owner training to facilitate discussion and ensure thoroughness.

Warranty Inspection

  • Review and comment on contractor’s documentation including (a) Operations and Maintenance Manuals; (b) manufacturers’ conformance records; (c) field test records; (d) record drawings; (e) manufacturer’s and contractors’ warranties.
  • Developing the re-commissioning or ongoing commissioning program.

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